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Antwerpen Jeep ruined my credit. I bought a Chrystler, PT Cruiser.

I was told I was approved fat 8%. Later they aid they made a mistake (after I had the car). They then ran my credit again and again and I was finally approved at 12%. (This is after I received the car so I did not even know they were continuing to re-run my credit).

Also, the sales persons lied and said that my car had a 6 cd changer. It did not. Also, the cars cruise control does not work. I still have not been able to refinance after 2 years because the cars value has decreased so much.

I paid $23k for the car. I owe $10,000 now but the car is worth about $5,000. I would avoid all of the Antwerpen's on Route 40.

Don't believe a word they say. They will do anything for a deal.

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